"Passion and work always go hand in hand!“



The Idea – How to build a mountain shelter and transport it up the mountain without a helicopter?

The answer – a modular geo-dome.


We register the industrial drawing at the State Office for Inventions and Trademarks. Red Dome Shelter SRL is born. The shelters from Bratila and Scoarta, from the Fagaras Mountains are installed.


The shelters from Urlea, Mosu, Cataveiu, Berevoiescu, Comisu and Langa, all in Fagaras Moutains are installed.


The project receives financing through the european funding POS CCE 2013 program.

The SMIS 41099 project, “Eco Modular Shelters – Product Development” is launched.

The first prototype of the geo-dome from triangular modules is built, with modern assembly and fixing technology.

Registration of the invention license at the State Office for Inventions and Trademarks


The installation and testing of the first greenhouse prototypes.

Registration of the second invention license at the State Office for Inventions and Trademarks.


The installation and testing of the first mountain shelter prototypes, the emergency shelter and the bike-parking.

Registration of the third invention license at the State Office for Inventions and Trademarks. The launch of the first DIY-Geo-dome concept from Romania, and commercialization through e-commerce and do-it-yourself networks (daca va referiti la magazine de bricolaj atunci construction store networks). Promoting the products on international market.


Perfecting the products and the technology developed so far, while promoting the geo-domes in all markets in partnership with potential consumers or developers.



Education - the school greenhouse. Let’s teach the children how to grow healthy food. Pavilions or shade shelters – places where the children can play, in the courtyard.

Administration/Social- emergency shelters. Temporary or permanent social shelters. Bus station refuges, locker room spaces for football fields.

Publicity and event promoting - exhibit shelters for fairs and exhibitions. Permanent or temporary commercial spaces. Relaxing spaces and rain or shadow shelters at festivals or sport competitions. Temporary camping facilities.

Tourism - Animal observatories, suspended birdwatching domes. Underground camping with geo-dome structures. Mountain trails with geo-dome shelter units. Biking trails with bike parking geo-dome units. Geo-dome greenhouses for fresh crops near tourist cabins. Geo-dome camp with local covering (roof tiles, thatch). Geo-dome pavilions, relaxing spaces, playgrounds. Geo-dome for pool or jacuzzi cover. Artificial saline in tourist cabin’s yard.

Agriculture - greenhouses for early seedlings, easy to heat and maintain. Deposits for fresh product in small farms. Underground wine cellar deposits, temporary shelters for shepherds or haybarns.