The Deluxe greenhouse consists of the D6 geo-dome base and the 2 layer guttagliss kit. The base structure came to life from a simple principle: creating a generous space, sheltered from the weather elements, with a low budget. From these principles, we created a product made from engineered wood, with a shape tested in time that does not disappoint: the geo-dome. The result is a 19sqm modular greenhouse, with an aerodynamic shape, that offers a place to enjoy your gardening skills or any other hobby. The two layer covering modules are optional accessories for the door and the base structure triangles. They transform the structure in a cozy and warm place. The modules are constructed from engineered pinewood frames, with a gutagliss solair extra layer on the interior and exterior, thus forming an insulating air layer of 26mm. The framing dimensions coincide with the interior dimensions of the triangular modules and the guttagliss perfectly covers the greenhouse.

At the end of the season the modules can be removed and stored for safekeeping, while the base structure is used for another function.

  • You need to pay 40% of the order in advance for the order to be processed.
  • The processing ordering time will start when payment is made to the Red Done Shelter account.
  • The second part of the payment is made at the product delivery.
  • 24-month warrantee
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