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Garden Products

Once you purchase the universal geo-dome structure you can start adapting it for a shade shield, pavilion, relaxing space or a greenhouse buy choosing different covering kits. This way the shade shield you use in the summer can be transformed into a hobby greenhouse for the winter.

Universal Geo-dome Structure

This is a modular structure made from engineered pinewood, easy to build with the help of the assembly manual. The structure can rapidly be transformed from one function to another, say a shed shelter, a pavilion or a greenhouse. The structure requires a flat surface as a base and can be easily disassembled, without requiring any building authorizations.

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Hobby Greenhouse

By choosing to purchase the door and guttagliss covering modules kit you now have a stylish and highly efficient greenhouse. The guttagliss modules are fixed by simple methods that do not require any tools and can easily be disassembled to offer ventilation or offering the choice of another covering type for the structure.

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Choosing the “cap” or “sail” covering kits you can transform your base geo-dome structure in a sheltered pavilion, perfect for relaxing moments, no matter the weather.

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Shade Shields

If you have more time on your hands you can opt for a natural covering of the base structure – vine or ornamental climbing plants. Weather you choose to go natural or use one of our shading systems – many colors and textiles – you can transform your base structure according to your liking, a comfortable and cozy relaxing place.

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Specialized Products

These are geo-domes that must answer special requirements, as thermal insulation, wind resistance, weight resistance, breakability, security issues etc. Maintaining the modular concept and the ability to easily manipulate the modules (dimensions up to 1.5 m and weight under 10kg), so they are easy to put together and disassemble, here are a few prototypes in various verification stages or assimilation in lot production.

Mountain Shelter

This is our “soul project”, the idea for the business model and the inspiration for all the other products. We have combined all our passion for mountaineering with our experience in geodesic structures into a successful product that we are proud of.

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Emergency Shelter

The main purpose of the emergency shelter is to offer sleeping and living areas at comfortable temperatures, no matter the season. They are easy to adapt for installation and disassemble and easy to transform in camps or summer houses.

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Bike Parking

The development of national cyclotourism can be improved by installing bike parking structures along the tourist routes. These provide shelter, security and modern renting systems, all in a 5,5-meter diameter that can host up to 16 bicycles.

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Expo Dom

Because of its distinguishing features like interesting aspect, attaching more structures one to another or different covering systems, the domes are excellent for hosting exhibitions, promotion campaigns or market stands. Their modular character offers countless assembly and branding possibilities.

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Gabriel José García Márquez, scriitor

Nu muntele il cucerim, ci pe noi insine.

sir Edmund Hillary, explorator

Daca nu te inalti pe un munte, nu ai cum vedea campia.

proverb chinezesc, folclor

Potrivit unui cliseu, viata este un munte. Te ridici, ajungi in varf, iar apoi cobori.

Jeannea Moreau, scriitor