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Are you in the flower, machinery or service business? Are you just joining the market or are you an expert? Be one step ahead the competition at the exhibition fairs and the center of attention with an Exhibition Dome. We guarantee this result from our own experience.

Built from triangular wooden modules, easy to manipulate, assemble and disassemble, the Exhibit Geo-Dome offers a wide space, easy to configure. The covering system for this structure can be seasonable or according to the exhibition theme or requirements. The dome can be partially or completely covered, with rigid boards for commercial purposes or flexible impermeable textiles, guaranteeing comfort during the rainy season or shade in the hot weather. The available sizes for the exhibit dome are 19sqm and 28sqm.


One or several structures can be personalized according to wishes or necessities.


A structure of same size can be connected to another, forming a chain of interconnected geo-domes.


Whether it’s a fair, a festival or an exhibit, the base structure is fast and easy to assemble. No specialized tools are needed or a special foundation.

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