Emergency Shelter


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The Emergency Shelter is a structure that offers shelter in emergency situations: fires, floods, earthquakes etc. A park of shelters is easy and fast to build.

Red Dome Shelters are conceived as geo-domes with fine triangulation, with the door included in the structure and a wide exterior base, that acts as a foundation. They are fast and easy to assemble, the weather not being a factor to consider as there is no solid foundation or any other materials that need to dry. The shelters are ready to be disassembled at the end of life cycle, or for storage, so they are completely environmental friendly.

The Emergency Shelter is now in an advanced testing and development stage, with a prototype already installed by our team. Please contact us if you wish to find out the project’s progress.


The modules have a wooden structure that is injected with high density memory foam, adding resistance and higher thermic insulation.


The Emergency Shelter does not need a foundation, so the assembly time is short. The modules permit the shelter to assembly on the spot, with no preliminary preparations.


The shelter has 6m diameter and is 3,60m high, which offers sleeping and living space for a 4 or 5 member family.

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