Bike Parking Geodom

B.P.G - Bike Parking Geodome

The specialized products and order base only, according to the client’s specifications. The fee will be estimated based on a contract.

The Bike Parking is the latest product on our list and we are very proud of it. It is meant to sustain the infrastructure of the mountain trails, perfectly blending in nature as in urban landscape. With the help of a sustainable energy power source, the Bike Parking is an attractive solution for biking areas, easy to utilize and highly secure.


The modules have a wooden structure that is injected with high density memory foam, adding resistance and higher thermic insulation.


This structure is easily adaptable for the desired project: urban or natural, connected to a power source or energy independent.


The Bike Parking Shelter has a high level of endurance and is difficult to damage. It is compatible with a card-base access system.

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