Structura de baza

Base Structure

DO-IT-YOURSELF-GEODOME product range – all Red Dome Shelter products are made from compatible modular systems. This allows the reconfiguration of a product to change its purpose.


All structures are built from engineered pinewood, treated by immersion against fungus, woodworm and UV.


By choosing a geo-dome base structure you can opt for several applications. The modular structure can be adapted to several functions with the help of the covering kits, transforming in a deposit, relaxation place, greenhouse etc. All configurations are reversible.

Easy to install

The philosophy is simple: fast and easy to install, without the need of specialized tools. The package is accompanied by the instructions manual that explains the process. With the help of two friends, following the steps in the manual and some good weather is all you need to raise the dome, in 5 hours.

Base Structure D5

Base Structure D6

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